Why Choose ARA?

Why Choose ARA?

It’s a difficult time for many nonprofit organizations.  Cuts in federal, state and local budgets and business downturns have translated to extensive belt-tightening in arts, health and human service, community development and environmental agencies.  Every month it’s a little more difficult to raise funds to support important programs and projects or to expand proven services to new individuals, families, schools or neighborhoods.

In such a climate, a professional consultant can make a big difference in whether your organization continues to thrive and grow or whether it must scale back its expectations and settle for maintaining the status quo – or worse.

That’s where Academic Research Associates can help.

ARA is a full-service consulting firm.  We can help you find government funds, foundations and corporations that support the work you do and we can help you write proposals that effectively tell your story to these potential funders.  ARA also offers high quality evaluation services to help nonprofits meet their funders’ accountability requirements after grants have been awarded.

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